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DevSecOps Implementation

Empowering DevSecOps: Seamless and Efficient Security Enhancement

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Explore how we empower your DevSecOps, enhancing application security in a seamless, efficient, and proactive manner. Leverage cutting-edge solutions like Application Security Management, Cloud Security Posture Management, and Cloud SIEM to safeguard your digital assets, streamline compliance, and build a robust security posture.

Provides protection against application-level attacks like SSRF, SQL injection, Log4Shell, and XSS, while offering real-time alerts and deep observability data to resolve issues efficiently

Automates audit evidence collection and misconfiguration remediation, ensuring continuous compliance and strengthening security posture across all cloud resources

Augments threat detection and investigation in cloud-scale environments, with real-time log analysis, easily customizable security rules, and out-of-the-box integrations to enhance cloud security outcomes

What Is DevOps

Do what you still do, but we make it better.

Application Performance Optimization

Swiftly Identify Code Errors and Enhance Application Efficiency

Apps / Web UX Boosting

Uncover Errors, Improve Performance, and Analyze User Behavior

Microservice Management Enhancement

Visualize Dependencies, Optimize Code-level Traces, and Stay Proactive with Real-time Insights

Database Performance Optimization

Monitor Queries, Analyze Execution Plans, and Correlate with Infrastructure Metric

DevSecOps Implementation

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities and Enabling Multicloud SIEM

Centralized Log Management

Analyze, Track Patterns, and Manage Errors Across All Systems

Multi-cloud Environment Monitoring

Control Costs, Optimize Usage, and Simplify Management

DevOps Team Collaboration

Cloud, Code, Security, and System Integration for Efficient Issue Resolution and Communication

Discover the power of DevOps through our extensive solutions and services. If you're on a quest for DevOps excellence, explore our offerings. We optimize efficiency, project delivery, and performance for Software Developers, Cloud Engineers, and Product Owners. Enhance your journey with Datadog and beyond.

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