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Developers need deep work that could let them be more productive. If you ask what makes developers too upset to leave your company, the answer is to stop them from being creative! DevOps is a fascinating term, so many software development companies desire to hire more and more Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to facilitate tasks of DevOps. However, not every company has a sufficient budget to build an SRE team with enough employees. To make matters worse, some corporations even ask developers to double up as SRE jobs. Hence, each IT companies should consider leveraging the power of Cloud DevOps Services that can allow developers could focus on building new features or solving challenging issues.
Cloud DevOps Cycle

Why would you hire DXhero as a SRE partner?

40% to 90% cost of an application is on operations after finishing coding. Our experienced SREs could help you reduce operational costs based on Google Cloud Development tools.
Experts say that cloud services are beneficial for saving more than 40% of IT costs

Getting experienced SREs to assist with excellent DevOps

It takes time to become an SRE. To be a junior SRE, one must have at least two years of experience in software development or system operation. With the increase of complexity of Google Cloud service solutions, SRE must own more profound knowledge and experience, say five to ten years in constructing software. However, software engineers with five to ten years of experience are vital for companies to build services. As a result, if you collaborate with us, you could own experienced SREs from DXhero as well as allocating your precious development resources to your core business goals.
Construct service on open and flexible technologies
Scale your startup with reliability and confidence

Leveraging tremendous technical resources

We all know that technical resources are critical to software companies because only leveraging sufficient material of Google Cloud services, people could build reliable solutions. As a close partner to the Google Cloud team, DXhero could effectively earn key material to construct customers’ Google Cloud projects.

Promptly solving operational DevOps issues

Even though you have already built a great SRE team and ran your own Google cloud services solutions, DXhero offers consultant services. You could ask us any complicated issue you met, and then DXhero will rapidly and efficiently facilitate you to solve any tough questions.
SRE_Accelerate the realization of innovative ideas

Categories of Google cloud developer tools
and Google Cloud’s operation suite for software development companies.

Google Cloud service provides Google cloud developer tools and Google Cloud’s operation suite to support this process thoroughly.
A complete software or system development and operation process includes
Enabling building codes local or on the cloud as well as access Google cloud resources and applications.
Rapidly and easily write codes locally or via clouds. Also, Cloud Code provides extensions to IDEs, such as Visual Studio Codes or IntelliJ to let developers rapidly deploy code to Kubernetes. Moreover, Cloud Shell Editor unleash you to visit Cloud code in real time. Moreover, Cloud Source Repositories allow you to create your own online Git repositories on Google cloud.
You could use command line tools and repositories to manage Google Cloud resources and applications by leveraging Cloud SDK. For example, you could edit VM from the command line. Besides, Google cloud SDK supports various programming languages, including Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Go, .NET, PHP, and C++. Finally, you could leverage Cloud APIs to access Google Cloud services.
This product integrates the Google Cloud service to extend Spring by implanting existing abstractions and introducing new ones to Java developers.
Apart from supporting developers in compiling their code, this category also offers excellent experience building CI/CD pipelines.
Provide a fully serverless platform to support CI across all programming languages and environments containing VM, serverless, Kubernetes, and Firebase.
Support standard CI/CD pipelines across languages and tools with a Kubernetes-native open-source framework.
Obtaining more speed, scale, and security from your Jenkins pipeline.
Providing a universal package manager for building artifacts and dependencies.
This product is the evolution of the Container Registry. It is a place to help your organization to manage container mirrors and language packages, such as Maven or npm). There are four main functions that Artifact Registry provides, integration, Security, Protection, Group.
Offering various tools to assist with deploying your applications to Google Cloud automatically and smoothly.
Use pipelines defined as code and let Google cloud handle rollouts to deliver to Google Kubernetes continuously.
Adding deploy commands to the Cloud Build’s configurations to deploy your applications to Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Firebase.
This product provides flexible templates and configuration files to allow developers could create deployments with various Google Cloud services, including Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Cloud SQL, configured to work together.
Ingest your applications and platforms’ log data and other custom log data from Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environments, VMs, and other services inside or outside Google Cloud. Moreover, you could leverage the power of BigQuery by integrating Log Analytics into Cloud Logging.
Offers excellent various visualization tools to display the performance, uptime, and overall health of cloud-powered applications. Visualize the data you collect, like metrics, events, and metadata from Google cloud services, hosted uptime probes, application instrumentation, and a variety of common application components on charts and dashboards. Then, create alerts to allow you will be notified when metrics are out of normal status.
It is a distributed tracing system that collects and displays your applications’ latency data on Google Cloud Console. That is, this product can automatically analyze all tracing of your applications and produce deep and detailed latency reports to display any indications of performance downturns. Moreover, you could capture traces from any VMs, containers, or App engine projects that belong to Google Cloud.
Creates profiles by gathering profiling data. Typical usage is collecting performance data of CPU and memory usage for ten seconds every minute for a single instance of the configured service in a single Compute Engine zone. The overhead to using Cloud Profiler is less than 0.5 percent, which means you could execute always-on profiling on your production systems without slowing performance.
Also called Intelligent Operations. It is an intelligence tool that recommends optimizing your cloud operations in various respects, such as cost, security, performance, reliability, manageability, and sustainability. You could always get precise insights from this product.

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DXhero, based in Dubai, provides “DevOps Solutions and Tools” to companies in the META region. 

We support companies in moving toward “DevOps Best Practices.” Our services boost the efficiency and quality of work for Software Developers, Cloud Engineers, and Product Managers by equipping them with the optimal tools to accelerate project delivery. 

The tools we select help our clients in optimizing their software development lifecycle (CI/CD). Moreover, we offer ongoing training and coaching for development teams, ensuring they use these tools proficiently for the best possible results.

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