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Adding AWS account as Datadog integration

Datadog provides AWS CloudFormation templates to create resources in AWS in order to monitor AWS services and send metrics back to Datadog. To get metrics of different services, we’ll need to enable integration for them specifically.

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Walk into DevSecOps

In general, I will use Jenkins as the CI/CD platform, then Dependency Track as SCA, SonarQube as SAST, Trivy for Container Image Scanner and Defectdojo as the centralized report monitoring.

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Why Datadog Is Our Web Team’s Best Friend

For those who don’t know, Datadog is a monitoring platform for cloud applications. They offer a ton of integrations, making it easy to set up. We are currently using it for the corporate website frontend, which is a Next.js application hosted on Vercel.

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Easily generate Google signed id-token with token-generator

Security is a great challenge for cloud providers and Google Cloud Platform has chosen to secure all its services with OAuth2 protocol. The security token is passed in the header of the API calls for identifing the user. The authorizations are based on roles and they are checked in IAM.

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Monitoring Nuxt.js app with Datadog 🔍

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to set up Datadog to monitor your Nuxt.js app and what metrics to monitor. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to optimize your Nuxt.js app for performance and make sure it’s running smoothly for your users.

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