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Your Customer Relationship + Our Cloud Engineer Team

Don't Miss Any Cloud Business

There has been the increasing trend of enterprises start to use cloud, so your customers who certainly require to use cloud services; however, you don’t have cloud engineers in your teams, your customers have consulted with your potential competitors to apply cloud service, which may increase the potential risk of losing customers.

Outsource cloud engineer - Partner Program

Why Cooperate With DXhero

Cloud team is not easy to establish as compared to other traditional IT product teams, it requires to take long time to set up, and there are not enough qualified professionals in the market. As you work with us, we can solve these problems for you immediately. Moreover, we will help you educate your sales teams, instructing them basic cloud knowledge, providing a full package of cloud professional services which expand your services portfolio so that you will not miss every potential cloud business opportunity from your customers.

We provide outsource cloud engineer team as your strongest supporter, and your clients won’t know who we are. Furthermore, we guarantee that your customers are satisfied with our proficiency which allows you to obtain a good reputation in the market, and maintain good customers relationships.

DXhero_Cloud solutions provider

Who Can Apply This Program

Covered Services

All Google Cloud products

Compute, container, storage, database, network, security

Cloud Professional service

Cloud consulting, migration, management and optimization

Data Analytics

Data ETL, data analytics and visualization

DXhero v.s. Others

* Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSP) is a cloud partner who provides cloud consulting, implementation and cloud management service for you.
1% MSP
20% MSP
80% MSP
Entire company only focus on provide Google Cloud services
Provide all Google Cloud services
Follow Google Cloud’s best practices design method
All engineers with Google Cloud certification.
All Kubernetes engineers with CKA certification.
Every cloud design cross-check by two engineers.
IAM services are default in cloud design.
System alert setting in default degisn
Migration level : Rip and Replace
Migration level : Improve and Move
Migration level : Lift and shift
Strong in both on-premises and cloud knowledge
Data backup before migration
24×7 service option
16×5 service option
8×5 service option
Provide Google Cloud optimization services
Billing analysis service.
FinOps service option
Cost saving design for customer
Cloud design base on your business core value


You won’t miss the demands for cloud from the existing customers and reduce the possibility of seeking for competitors; working with us is cost effective, and it’s easy to start with cost-effective business model.
As long as your customers have the requirements of cloud, we can start cooperating.
The fee is same as that of end users.
Please contact us, our partner team will discuss with you further

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