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Microservice Management Enhancement

Microservice Visualization:
Comprehensive Understanding and Management of System Architecture

Enhanced microservice management improves system reliability, fault recovery, and service performance. It allows early issue identification via proactive alerts and data-driven SLA tracking. Visualizing service dependencies enables better architecture understanding and management, fostering team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Visualize your microservices and their dependencies across your entire environment with Datadog’s unified platform.

This gives you a clear picture of your architecture, reducing blind spots and speeding up troubleshooting.

Datadog provides real-time monitoring of your microservices.

Gain an overview of your container health, resource consumption, logs, and deployments with a simple glance, enhancing your microservice visualizations

With Datadog, you can analyze traces from your distributed microservices architectures at the span or code level.

This capability provides deeper insight into your microservice performance, allowing for improved optimization

Datadog’s Service Catalog helps consolidate knowledge of your organization’s services, bridging the knowledge gap among team members.

It provides a central repository for key data such as documentation, deployment history, and code libraries

What Is DevOps

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Application Performance Optimization

Swiftly Identify Code Errors and Enhance Application Efficiency

Apps / Web UX Boosting

Uncover Errors, Improve Performance, and Analyze User Behavior

Microservice Management Enhancement

Visualize Dependencies, Optimize Code-level Traces, and Stay Proactive with Real-time Insights

Database Performance Optimization

Monitor Queries, Analyze Execution Plans, and Correlate with Infrastructure Metric

DevSecOps Implementation

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities and Enabling Multicloud SIEM

Centralized Log Management

Analyze, Track Patterns, and Manage Errors Across All Systems

Multi-cloud Environment Monitoring

Control Costs, Optimize Usage, and Simplify Management

DevOps Team Collaboration

Cloud, Code, Security, and System Integration for Efficient Issue Resolution and Communication

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