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Why DXhero

Our team members have cloud experts specializing in different Google Cloud products, arranging the right cloud experts to serve you according to your different requirements and provide you with the best cloud solutions. Our professional services include monthly, quarterly or yearly corporate contracts with flexible packages for you to select.

Working with us will offer you a trusted team, cloud infrastructure experts, more flexible organizations and lower costs. If having your own cloud teams, you can still work with us based on minimum hours package per month, as you encounter major problems that your internal team can’t solve, we will help you at anytime.

cloud management
Dedicated to Google Cloud professional team services, we can serve any size of Google Cloud project.
Each Cloud Engineer who serves you is qualified by Google Cloud Certification.
Providing 24/7 cloud management service option, which the majority of Cloud service providers do not provide in MENA.
Each Cloud architecture is cross checked by two Cloud Engineers before being presented to you.
We follow Google Cloud’s best practices design to provide the most optimized system performance with the reasonable cost, also taking your future business scale up into consideration.
Our well-trained Cloud Engineers will complete your project based on the most efficient working hours without wasting your cost.

Offering Cloud Billing analysis, cost management and Cloud architecture analysis services to optimize your existing Cloud architecture.

Our implementation fees, less than 3 working days is charged in hours to arrange junior, senior or expert Cloud Engineers with different rates for saving your cost.
We donate 5% net profit to charities every year, so that you can spend your money more meaningfully and jointly engage in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Cloud Management Service

System performance alarm
Billing analysis
Cloud Identity and access management
Performance report / Monthly
Cloud optimize suggestion
Monthly meeting
Technical support by mail
Technical support by phone call / whatsapp
Dedicated 24/7 support engineer
Support ticket quantity / monthly
New service implement work hours / monthly
Response time
P0: in 4 hours
P1: in 8 hours
P2: in 8 hours
P3: in 8 hours
P4: in 24 hours
P0: in 2 hours
P1: in 2 hours
P2: in 4 hours
P3: in 8 hours
P4: in 16 hours
P0: in 1 hour
P1: in 1 hour
P2: in 2 hours
P3: in 4 hours
P4: in 8 hours
P0: in 30 min
P1: in 1 hours
P2: in 2 hours
P3: in 2 hours
P4: in 8 hours
P0: in 15 min
P1: in 30 min
P2: in 1 hours
P3: in 1 hours
P4: in 2 hours
Monthly Fee

Our steps of Cloud Managed Service

DXhero v.s. Others

* Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSP) is a cloud partner who provides cloud consulting, implementation and cloud management service for you.
1% MSP
20% MSP
80% MSP
Entire company only focus on provide Google Cloud services
Provide all Google Cloud services
Follow Google Cloud’s best practices design method
All engineers with Google Cloud certification.
All Kubernetes engineers with CKA certification.
Every cloud design cross-check by two engineers.
IAM services are default in cloud design.
System alert setting in default degisn
Migration level : Rip and Replace
Migration level : Improve and Move
Migration level : Lift and shift
Strong in both on-premises and cloud knowledge
Data backup before migration
24×7 service option
16×5 service option
8×5 service option
Provide Google Cloud optimization services
Billing analysis service.
FinOps service option
Cost saving design for customer
Cloud design base on your business core value


Requirement Consulting Service

Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Cloud Implementation Service

Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Google Cloud products

The price is cheaper than you buy directly from Google Cloud.


We have cloud engineers work in shifts, so you can reach them at anytime or non-business hours, even in the middle of the night. While you are sleeping, they will monitor your cloud for you in real time and make sure everything operates normally.

We only provide Google Cloud services. However, we are willing to help you migrate from others cloud to Google Cloud.

We are confident that we are one of the best Google Cloud service providers in MENA regions, so you can try to work with us or change partners if you are not satisfied with. Moreover, many of our professional services are available in first hour free.

Our teams consist of cloud experts specialized in different Google Cloud products and can provide you with the right cloud experts for your demands right away based on monthly, quarterly or yearly corporate contracts for you. Working with us you will benefit from trusted teams, Cloud infrastructure experts, flexible organizations and lower costs.
Having your own cloud team, you can work with us based on per hour, as you encounter a major problem that your internal team can’t solve, we enable to help and support you. You also can sign a contract with us for your own cloud engineer, and we will continue to cultivate his expertise for being consulted with you.

Our contract is classified as monthly, quarterly and yearly, and you can easily migrate from Google Cloud to other Google Cloud partners after the contract ends so you will not be tied to us. Of course, we expect you can tell us more about your ideas during the cooperation process; therefore, we can be better.

Yes, and the process is very simple, we will arrange it for you. In addition to the fact that the price of the Google Cloud you buy will not be more expensive, we will also provide professional consulting services.

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