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Custom Intercom domain using GCP

By Adrian Trzeciak.Jul 8, 2022

Article Custom Intercom domain using GCP 1

This short article describes how to add a custom domain to Intercom behind SSL certificate managed by Google. The currently available guide only supports AWS based solution via CloudFare CDN, which we can easily replicate to GCP. Since it’s not officially provided by Intercom, I decided to make a Terraform module for Google provider.

This guide doesn’t cover the CDN functionality as I don’t assume it necessary. Documentation and the terraform module itself can be found here.

The solution consists of three main parts:

  • DNS entry that resolves to LB’s IP address
  • Internet network endpoint group of that forwards the request via HTTPS to Intercom
  • HTTPS proxy with SSL certificate that receives the request and forwards it to the backend service

Once the module has been deployed, you’ll notice following load balancer inside you Load Balancing menu:

Article Custom Intercom domain using GCP 2

You can easily navigate to the certificate in order to check its status as well as to the backend service to see what it’s pointing towards. Once the certificate has been provisioned, you should see following information about the certificate itself:

Article Custom Intercom domain using GCP 3

When entering the hostname, in this case , you should be forwarded to the Intercom’s help page behind a valid SSL certificate.

The original article published on Medium.

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