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What is Data Analytics

Using data to increase revenue
improve efficiency and save costs for company

We provide 100% customized business data analytics

Actually, the concept of big data analytics was introduced 20 years ago, but the cost of computing and storage hardware were very expensive at that time, it was not widely used until a decade later; as the cost dropped obviously, it was widely adopted by various industries.

Companies that have not yet started to obtain the benefits from the cutting-edge technology, the reason is not that it is costly, but they do not perceive the benefits of data analytics, or do not have enough professionals to implement it in company.

Compared to general data analytics software, DXhero provides 100% customized data analytics service. Our data scientists spend time understanding your business models and analyzing data through Google Cloud’s AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology, allowing you to accelerate company’s data-driven transformation in an easy and simple way.

We adopt “Agile development principles” for the data-driven transformation process. Instead of analyzing all of your company’s data at once, we start with the cores, so that you can experience the benefits of data analystics without having to invest in all the costs at once.

Data Analytics Service

We specialized in below Retail industry

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


Chain Store


Supply Chain

(Production, store, logistics)

Our Data Analytics services

Sales opportunities analytics

Sales opportunities analytics

Assist you in finding the correct target customers, analyzing the reasons for project wins and project losses, and finding cross-sell opportunities that are not easily identified. AI analytics will enhance your prediction capacity more precisely.

User behavior analytics

Assist you to know patterns in customers’ purchase behaviors and product selection, you are able to improve customer touchpoint based on those data.

User behavior analytics
Inventory management analytics

Inventory management analytics

Using your company’s data and open data source to predict market demands, help you fulfill better inventory management, so you don’t have to deal with inventory shortage and aging stock issues, and also considerably optimize the available cash flow, warehouse space and staff deployment.

Operating cost analytics

Optimizing your company’s Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OpEx) with data analysis to improve the efficiency of your cost and expense management.
Operating cost analytics

They are using it

91.6% of leading companies accelerating their big data and artificial intelligence (AI) investments,those companies transform from data-aware to data-driven,Build a data Governance orgnization。”Industry spending on data-related costs is expected to increase, on average, by nearly 50 % over 2019-2021 v.s. 2016-2018” – McKinsey.

*Source: McKinsey Global Data Transformation Survey, 2019

Our steps of Data Analytics

Analytics job base on agile development principles

Our customized Data Analytics


Software base Data Analytics

Our customized Data Analytics
Software base Data Analytics
Prediction Accuracy
Project delivery time
4 weeks
1-4 weeks
Whom to do the job
Data Scientist
Software + Engineer
Google AI / ML
Independent developed AI / ML
High Accuracy
Quick Deployment
Average to hight



Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Data Integration

Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Data Analytics

Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Data Interpretation

Free, include report generation.

Data visualization process

Charge by pre hour, and we provide first hour free.

Google Cloud tools

The AI / ML / Database / Visualize tool prices are cheaper than you buy directly from Google Cloud.


Any scale of company can implement data analytics as long as you have data, but only if this method can help solve your company’s current problems. We provide one hour consulting for free, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our data scientists will provide one hour consulting for free and we will work with you to prioritize each data analytics for completing the requirements of different departments accordingly.
We will provide you with a closed report that compares the performance before you worked with us, we will arrange other data analytics in schedule after you confirm the effectiveness.

he cost varies with each company’s requirements, but we insist on not performing work that is not beneficial to our customers, so we offer one hour consulting for free to evaluate the benefits with you before moving on to the next step.

We adopt the “agile development principle” and with stage mechanisms for charging fee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can stop the project at any time during the project delivery process for save your cost.

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